An Open Letter About REAL Underarms – Priyanka Chopra’s & Ours!

Dear magazines (and other people of the world),

We got arms. And we got armpits. We even got underarm hair – which we tend to deal with as best as we can! We also have other things happening in our armpit area. Like creases, occasional fuzz even when we’re relatively hair-free, little bumps that we can’t Photoshop away – and why should we bother, really? What we don’t understand, then, is why YOU feel the need to airbrush so damn much. Especially when it comes to people who look like Priyanka Chopra – gorgeous by ANY standards of beauty. PC is a powerhouse in her own right. We can’t say that it has nothing to do with her looks (let’s be realistic: it definitely helps to look stunning) – but it has just as much to do with her drive, talent, ambition. So why turn something that could have been a celebration of how awesome PC is into a controversy about why her armpits have been Photoshopped?…

[Read the full story on POPxo]


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