13 Mistakes NEVER To Make At A Job Interview!

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking and stressful, especially if you know that there are many people vying for the same role. And while you can’t control every aspect of your interview, there are certain things you can definitely do or avoid doing in order to give yourself an edge as a serious contender for the role. That’s why we bring you some common job interview mistakes people make – some of them might seem obvious, some may be things you’ve never thought about. But they are all very important to avoid if you want a real shot at the role you’re interviewing for…

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25 Things Your Boss Wants You To Know Without Having To Tell You

Many of us make mistakes in the office. Easily fixable ones that are made out of not thinking things through more than anything else. Things so basic and simple that they shouldn’t even have to be written down. Today we give you the unspoken rules of the workplace – things your boss never wants to have to tell you. Embrace them, and you’re one step ahead of the game when it comes to that “Employee of the Year” award!

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An Open Letter About REAL Underarms – Priyanka Chopra’s & Ours!

Dear magazines (and other people of the world),

We got arms. And we got armpits. We even got underarm hair – which we tend to deal with as best as we can! We also have other things happening in our armpit area. Like creases, occasional fuzz even when we’re relatively hair-free, little bumps that we can’t Photoshop away – and why should we bother, really? What we don’t understand, then, is why YOU feel the need to airbrush so damn much. Especially when it comes to people who look like Priyanka Chopra – gorgeous by ANY standards of beauty. PC is a powerhouse in her own right. We can’t say that it has nothing to do with her looks (let’s be realistic: it definitely helps to look stunning) – but it has just as much to do with her drive, talent, ambition. So why turn something that could have been a celebration of how awesome PC is into a controversy about why her armpits have been Photoshopped?…

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10 Things Every Single Woman Hears As Soon As She Turns 30

single at 30 1

There comes a watershed point in every girl’s life – and that’s the big three-oh. Because, you know, Indian society would (still!) have us believe that 30+ is the wrong side of 30. It’s the age when you step over the line from “youth” to “maturity”. In the case of the single woman, of course, it means you’re transitioning from “young thing” to “on the shelf”, with absolutely nothing in between. Your 30th birthday brings with it not only dessert that’s more candles than cake but also a horde of “well-wishers” who are really, really worried about you. And here’s what they have to say…

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Dating Dilemma: WHEN Should You Have Sex With Him?

when should you have sex 0

Of all the problems that the world of dating throws up, the one that’s possibly the most difficult to actually find a solution to is: WHEN is it appropriate to have sex for the first time with the person you’re seeing? Because, you know, too soon, and you might be coming on too strong (and you’re secretly a little worried that he will think you’re promiscuous). Leave it too late, and you might just lose interest in each other.

But, ladies, worry no more, Time Out has the answer – 3.53 dates is it!

No, they don’t mean 3 dates, or 4 dates – and not even 3.5 dates. It has to be very, very exact. And luckily for us, NYMag tells us exactly how to go about figuring this out: you need to be carrying a stopwatch on each of your dates, measuring their duration exactly, and then doing some crucial mathematical acrobatics to arrive at The. Exact. Moment.

But the problem for us Indian ladies is a little different, and goes beyond mere maths and measurements. These are the questions that are still left unanswered…

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11 Things a Single Woman Should Never Be Ashamed Of. No Matter What.

FI - things a single woman should never be ashamed of

Singlehood. It’s a state of being, not a disease. Whether you’re single because you’ve been once bitten and are twice shy, or because you don’t want the complications of a romantic relationship, or you’re waiting for the right person for you to walk into your life, or you just enjoy being by yourself, there are certain things that a single woman should never be ashamed of. No matter what the world has to say about it.

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